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The following modeles are missing or built with a different engine version:


would you like to rebuild them now?    My ansver yes.

starting build.....

Vrpaint manuel build error ?

Try opening the project with 4.13, or right click it and choose "Generate Visual Studio project files"

Me Wait make Free this game.

I can almost get this app to give me a graphics tablet style of drawing, but it lags a but with the prettier brush styles. Just want you to know that this is my number one art tool for my Vive to this day... with Tilt Brush in a close second, of course.

Hi, I am only getting Paypal as a payment option for this game. I don't know why. Other games on itchio let me pay directly by card. I don't have Paypal in my country. Any idea?

Fixed! I had to tweak a couple of settings on my account, but now you should be able to pay directly by card :)

If you want anything added/changed in the game once you try it, just email me with your thoughts.

Daniel Hurtado