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Level concept I made. You can't make this because fusing multiple statues in one is impossible.

The thing you see in the center is a Gray + Orange + Red statue.


Really cool game!

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Amazing (and simple) level design!

I freaking love the effect when you (spoiler) merge statues together


OK finally!!!!!!!!!!!

its so amazing!!!!!!love it so much.

the 3-Xs are my favourite.they are really interesting.

the 4-Xs are potential,hope more levels can be made!


I have to say that this game is cool but I have to admit that I've been driven  crazy by the player pack

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I finally made it! 

I had a lot of fun. Thanks, knexator :)


This is what Tenet should've been about


Okay so this game is cool but whoever made it needs to go to prison pre-emptively 

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I solved all levels, but my broken brain couldn't figure out the mechanics of this game at all🤯

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (And I agree. I'm not sure I completely understand it.)

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how to beat lvl 3 to 3.5

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All the 3-levels? Major spoilers follow. Do not read this unless you want full solutions:

3.1: Push left statue left into hole. Walk back to start. Push remaining statue onto gold sigil. Undo to left of gold statue. Push two spaces right of the hole. Retrieve silver and push into bottom hole. Walk into bottom left nook. Push gold down into hallway. Undo into nook.

3.2: Walk into bottom nook. Walk into top nook. Walk left of silver sigil. Push statue onto silver sigil, then right into hole. Step into top nook. Push gold statue left under top nook. Undo into nook. Push statue down. Undo until you're standing left of a restored gold statue. Push statue under top nook. Undo into nook. Push down. Undo into left nook.

3.3: Push left statue down to the bottom. Undo until the silver sigil reactivates. Push second statue down to fill topmost hole. Push gold statue into left hole. Undo silver out of hole.

3.4: Push statue into hole. Walk onto hole. Use a "first level" undo to retrieve the statue. Turn statue red, and place between holes. Now the undo magic (this is seriously brilliant - kudos to the developer) - use the "second level" undo to undo every step you made until you're standing on the hole.

3.5: (finally figured this one out) Walk into the bottom nook. Walk to the sigil. Walk into the nook again. Walk back to the sigil. Walk down two spaces. Walk under the leftmost hole. Push the nearest statue down. Undo to get left of statue. Push statue onto sigil, and continue into the hole. Push gold statue left. Undo until you're below the statue. Push statue up to turn it silver, and move it into the leftmost hole. Push gold statue into the bottom hallway. After that it's all undoing until you get into the right position to push the gold statues around.

brain broke by 3.5, somehow brute forced it by repeating the same route like 10 times before actually moving stuff and I guess that meant I had enough down trips saved to push both blocks through  

Yeah, 3.5 is breaking my brain too. I've been trying to solve it for a couple of evenings now, and I don't see any way to do it. My guess was similar to your brute-force, that I need to do some particular path ahead of moving everything, but even then I don't see what that path must be. I'm rather impressed with these puzzles.

I think the main thing you gotta remember for the gold blocks is that you can position yourself around them in any way, so long as you stood in the necessary spot in the past, so seeing the result of seemingly useless detours from earlier could put everything into perspective

Yeah, my problem was trying to get both gold statues under the silver sigil. Finally realized how to get them to cross paths so that my undos didn't keep putting a silver in my way, and then, as you said it was mostly a matter of filling up the undo buffer with enough moves to get around. Finally solved (and, I think, optimized) it.

i press the ~ key


A very well designed game with a lot of potential. If expanded, I could see this becoming a full game


Please add more levels :P


This was a really cool and inventive puzzle game. Keep up the great work! 


1.6 --- How... just... how... When I undo it, I still can't get positioned to get the silver block moved.

I don't want to spoil it too much, but you need to do a swap to put the gold in the hole. Remember you can undo moves to silver without undoing moves to gold.

Hey. Someone do me a favor and ruin it for me.

Wish this site had spoiler tags, but anyone this far down in this thread is probably looking for a solution anyway 😅

Push the silver down into the pit. Stack the gold on top of the silver. Undo until the silver comes out of the pit, so the gold falls in. You now have the hole filled, so you can push the silver down and around to fill the bottom remaining hole to put the remaining gold in the top-left, and then undo the silver to the start and get beneath it to fill the last blocking hole.


THANK YOU!!!! I've been stuck on this thing and absolutely could not wrap my head around it!!!

what is the difference between the orange block and the red one

oh, never mind, I think I get it


love it, any time i get stuck i play mary had a little lamb with the undo keys <3




beautiful game, enjoying it a lot so far and love the art!